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Open MRI

Our Hitachi Altaire is a high field open MRI so it provides excellent image quality in a very open and non-claustrophobic environment. Our equipment was recently upgraded with enhanced software, to improve image quality.

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A mammogram is a special x-ray of the breast. It is a radiological procedure that can detect small cancers long before they can be felt by you or your doctor. As the x-rays pass through the breast tissue, an actual picture of the...

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CT Scans

At Radiology Center at Harding, our new GE Optima Scanner is capable of performing all types of scans in addition to screening for lung cancer, total body screening can be performed, as well as cardiac calcium scoring..

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Our GE Logic series ultrasound unit represents the latest in ultrasound technology. It has color capabilities, and can perform Doppler assessment, as well as providing excellent images of the internal organs.

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Our X ray equipment is computerized with a moving table. All types of bone studies, chest and abdominal X rays, head and neck, and spine exams can be performed.

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